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Whether comedy or drama, for stage or screen, my work centers on  the history that can distort relationships, and the absurdity that binds them. 

Girl Hopping (stage play, pictured) Six West Hollywood Lesbians collide in an earthquke of meddling, one night stands, potato chips and folk music. 


Room Service (stage play) It’s America’s Bicentennial! Three young men each have a key to hotel room on Miami Beach’s Gold Coast where they are carrying on illicit activities. The party comes to an abrupt halt when secrets are revealed.


Shiva (screenplay) Old resentments come to the surface as three adult children reunite in their childhood home upon the death of their mother. 


The Overnight (half hour comedy pilot) When a longtime small market evening newsman gets reassigned to the early morning show, he’s forced to navigate the Overnight shift alongside a crew of misfits, insomniacs and Xennials. 

As (not) Seen on TV...

Here's a few of the  shows I've worked on from behind.

Newscast Director,  WNBC (New York) & WCAU (Philadelphia)


Script Supervisor, CC Stand Up Presents (Comedy Central)


AD, Post Supervisor, Lidia's Kitchen (PBS)


Producer, Andiamo! Thailand (syndicated)


Director, On-Air Fundraising, Basic Black (WGBH, Boston)


AD, Simply Ming (PBS, pictured)


Field Producer, Fetch! w/Ruff Ruffman (PBSKids)


AP, America's Ballroom Challenge (PBS)


Chyron Operator, Fox Sports News, Best Damn Sports Show, Period (FOX SportsNet)


Chyron Operator, E! Entertainment Television



Deep Cuts & B sides

Past projects that make me smile. Enjoy! 

Temporary Spy Took the 48 Hour Film Fest by Storm

PastForward Teaches Kids REAL History

Zina Fink Wishes You a Happy 5770

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